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100% Rainforest Shade Grown Coffee 250g

14.00 CHF

Bun Coffee aus Byron Bay, Australia

Kaffeebohnen aus Brasilien, Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua
Schattenanbau im Regenwald
Hergestellt in Australien

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100% Shade Grown Coffee

Deliciously smooth and alive with flavour, the coffee used in this blend is shade grown on certified forested farms in Central and South America. It’s a unique blend that exhibits intense aromas of fruit and flowers, and is sweet and bright with excellent acidity. It makes a complex, intense espresso and a smooth, full-flavoured milk-based coffee. All the beans are Rainforest Alliance Certified, and grown under the banner of the Sustainable Agricultural Network, conserving ecosystems and giving growers a better quality of life.


What makes shade grown coffee special?

Shade grown coffee doesn’t require the clearing of forest to make way for plantations. This makes shade grown coffee an ecologically friendlier option.

When we talk about shade grown, we aren’t talking blends or single origin coffee, we mean coffee that has been planted under the canopy of a forest. When coffee trees are planted in this manner, they do not disturb the natural ecology or biodiversity of the region. Instead, they enhance it.

Shade grown coffee plantations attract more bees, birds and insects to any part of a forest where they have been cultivated. By increasing biodiversity, this improves the forest as well as the unique flavours it imparts to the beans the trees produce.

When coffee trees lose the protection of the forest, they become susceptible to a range of diseases and conditions which destroy the coffee trees and the young cherries on them.

To avoid this destruction, farmers must turn to a range of chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers. Unfortunately, these are absorbed by the tree into the coffee cherries on them.


Shade grown coffee beans taste better and is more ecologically friendly too

According to the Smithsonian National Zoo and Conservation Institute – “in an age where deforestation is happening at an alarming rate, coffee that uses the ‘shade-grown’ method of cultivation provides an important habitat for birds to rest. Without these habitats, migratory birds might not be able to reach their destinations.


Shade grown coffee delivers other key eco-benefits too

  • They prevent soil erosion and denudation.
  • They protect the forest in their own way given they do not need chemicals that seep into the Earth and harm the microscopic organisms that inhabit it
  • They attract new species of birds and insects. In one study done in Mexico, there was a 64% increase in chewing insects on coffee plants grown using the shade method
  • They open new opportunities for ecotourism which a region may previously have never enjoyed
  • They naturally lower the number of pests in a forest by attracting birds which eat them

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