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100% Australian Grown Coffee 250g

14.00 CHF

Bun Coffee aus Byron Bay, Australia

100% australische Kaffeebohnen
Hergestellt in Australien

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Coffee Grown Locally, Right Here in ‘Straya

A smooth blend of Australian grown Arabica beans. Sweet and slightly chocolaty with a low acidity and rich nutty finish. Naturally low in caffeine and free from pesticides.

Due to climate and soil type this coffee is naturally low in acidity and caffeine making it smooth and easier on the digestive system than most coffee. The coffee exhibits a rich, smooth sweetness and distinctly earthy flavour unique to Australian coffees.

This is an all Australian product with every stage of production from seedling to trees to harvesting, processing, roasting, packaging and finally retailing taking place in Australia.

Coffee has been grown in Australia for nearly 200 years but it was in the 1880’s that it really began to flourish, winning medals in Europe. However, the industry was competing with “coffee slaves” overseas and the high labour costs saw the decline of the industry until the late 1980’s when progress in mechanical harvesting techniques led to a resurgence in plantings. In fact, the world’s first mechanical harvester was designed and built on a plantation in North Queensland and it revolutionised harvesting and the cost of harvesting making the industry more competitive.

There are two main growing areas in the country, both on the east coast. There is the sub-tropical area stretching from Coffs Harbour in the south up to Noosa in the north, with a large number of plantations in the Byron Bay hinterland area. Then there is the tropical growing area in North Queensland mostly on the Atherton Tablelands. Despite not having the altitude of the more equatorial growing regions the latitude produces similar conditions and the rich soils and pristine environment which is free from pests and disease allow coffee to be grown free from pesticides.

Where Does Coffee Grow in Australia?

Australian grown coffee comes from two major regions in Australia. The Atherton tablelands in Queensland and Northern New South Wales. It is here that you will find the origins of our Australian Estate Coffee.

These regions are excellent for growing coffee because of the rich soils and perfect climate they enjoy.
Australians are discerning about their coffee. Coffee is not just a hot beverage people enjoy, it’s a way of socialising and getting to know one another.

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